Monday, 22 April 2019

Loosing a loved one, a best friend, a mother!

Preparing to die. A list necessary to help guide those left behind in sorting out the horror that's not worth more time than it should take, to help start your grieving process, or the ones left behind to handle it.

Today I share heart-ached, but also hope this will help family, friends, clients and more to have the necessary information on hand for when you, or a loved one passes away, morbid right? But no one likes to actually think about it, doesn't think it'll happen anytime soon... reality is it will eventually, just have it prepared. 4 months ago I lost my mother, my best friend, an incredible grandmother... these words, "titles" are not fitting enough and I will never find the correct words to describe what she was to me or my family! The heart ache that followed and still sits within my chest and soul every day is indescribable!!

What no one really discusses is the part where you have to deal with funeral arrangements or memorials, paperwork, accounts, policies, attorney's - whether you pay someone to do it or not, its extremely time consuming and if you're left with no clues on where to start, no documents or final wishes to go with, it can literally rip you up... consume you and then, then reality hits and you find yourself hitting a true mourning process. - one I'm not quite even ready to put into words.

BUT, I am going to share a very detailed list of what you as a person should have in a file accessible to someone you trust to know exactly what is what. If you have parents still with you, grandparents... aunts, uncles etc, this list can assist many people to have their affairs in order and set aside with peace of mind for something we never want to really think about.

This is bitter sweet for me, no sweetness actually... and its taken me a long time to share so publically what I think would help others and I hope it does. For those that have asked me before, I'm sorry its taken this long... if I have forgotten something I will update

Life file list

ID Number
- where do you keep your ID book/Drivers/Passport etc

Emergency contact people
(Names, Relationship, number, email)

Will Details
- where is the original will stored - provide a copy of the will
- executor details
(be sure to have an updated will that it specific and includes your wishes)

Living will details - if you should have one

Are you an Organ donor?

Guardianship of your children - also to include in your will
- their ID's / Birth certificates (and unabridged)
- originals or copies / where originals are
- vaccination cards
- passports
- schooling decisions
- education policy?
- school report cards


Funeral details

- church/memorial/funeral etc
- if you attend a church/place of worship, do you wish to have your funeral/memorial there?
- cremation/burial
- contact list of those who you would wish to attend
- any specific wishes for the day?
- or if you'd wish for nothing of the sort
- funeral policies


life policies
funeral policies
dreaded disease
- any policy you have, list policy numbers, organisations they're with and have a copy of your agreement
- update beneficiaries and be clear on your policies, if no beneficiary is chosen it goes into the estate

Financial Details

Income Tax number
Accountants details
Employee's details
Copy of latest IRP5

Bank accounts

All institutions you have a bank account with
- account number and all relevant info
- savings accounts
- investments
- loans
- shares
- assets

Insurance details on all - car/house/phones etc

Contracts and Accounts

- clothing accounts
- cell phone
- car payments
- insurance
- credit cards
- pharmacy
- rates and taxes
etc etc etc

Ownership documents / Lease agreements etc
- cars
- houses
- business

Details of properties
- deeds - where is the original?
- bond number
- bank

Timeshare details

Domestic employee details

Online presence after death
- choose whether or not you would like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc to keep running or for it to be closed


I can't stress this one enough...

passwords for everything!! - keep in mind to update this list yearly atleast

computer password
cell phone pin and puk - security password to if you have one
emails - gmail / hotmail / yahoo etc
personal computer files

anything and everything you have that has a login and password...

ones you may not think of that need to be cancelled with your credit card details on:

any online shopping sites etc

Copies of the following documents to keep with all the above info:

- details of company/ employee
- contracts and agreements
- Bond agreements / Deed
- TV licence / Accounts to be closed upon death
- phone account
- city of Johannesburg account - making sure to have the pin/account number clear and visible
- rates and taxes
- latest bank statement
- insurance contracts / policies
- vehicle info
- marriage/divorce certificate
- ID copies

write letters to your family, short or long winded, share a memory, be soppy or not... this will be appreciated far beyond anything you'll imagine.

-where can they be found
-is there anything specific for anyone specific (mention in will)

Any other info you think is important... this is not that time consuming to do and it will save someone, a loved one an enormous amount of pain and scrambling if you have it prepared.

Thank you all for your love and support!!

"I miss you!!... I cried when you passed away, I still cry today! Although I love you dearly, I couldn't make you stay. Your golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest, God broke my heart to prove to me, he only takes the best!"

Cancer. How I hate you.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Small weddings {wedding photographer}

Something small but big

Sometimes its not a bug fuss and we want an intimate day with just a small group of those close knit friend and family, our tribe! This was just that day, this beautiful couple had an intimate garden wedding and it was exquisite, the atmosphere was amazing, I felt like family from the minute I walked in the door :) Big weddings are great but small weddings are just as great and whatever calls to you, dont let anyone and in your way of your dreams...

Just a little snippet from their special wedding day

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Renewal of vows {Johannesburg south}

Love is unpredictable 

I have been fortunate enough in my career to capture so many different couples and families throughout so many occasions in their lives... I have watched families grow, separate, re-unite, grow some more. 

One of my favourite things is that I get to see my clients as more than just a client, they become a part of my life and this is an honour on its own.

Below some pics of a vow renewal at the Lady of Lebanon, a beautiful  place with so much history.

I have also done many christenings here over the years and its just so touching!!

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Monday, 11 March 2019

Wedding Photographer {Johannesburg}


Getting ready for your wedding is a huge part of the fun on the day, capturing those funny moments, the quirks, tears, nerves... I couldn't be more flooded with emotion when doing a wedding shoot.

From meeting my couples, yes I say my couples, as I get to know them and then witness their unity is an honour!

Capturing all the fine details which are unfortunately soon forgotten after the wedding but can easily be looked back on in your photos, after all, these are things you have taken so much time prepping for, your flowers, perfume, jewellery, table set up and decor... all the little things that bring the whole day together and then of course the most important, the bride, groom and all the important people you have chosen to spend this incredible day with!

From walking down he aisle, saying I do, cutting the cake, portraits , family photos, first dance, speeches and crazy moment in-between im there getting it all so its never forgotten!!

This is what I am most fortunate to call my job, my career, creating and capturing these special moments for you to treasure forever!!

Enjoy a few pics from his gorgeous wedding at Buitengeluk in broadacres Johannesburg with this beautiful couple!

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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Twins Cakesmash {double the fun!}

Cake smashes are one of my favourites!! The mess, the fuss, the tears LOL

Not all babies are keen on the cake at first but when they get going they sure do love it...

I offer sugar free cakes too for those that dont like the sugar buzz - we had a great banana cake smash and baby devoured the cake!! The options are endless and we can really fit to everyones needs...

TWINS, gosh this was cute, adorable set up at our clients home with these two sweet hearts and what a pleasure!

Most photoshoots like these are followed by our smash session, not only is this the best way for babies to get cleaned up :) but who doesn't love bubbles, water and making even more mess with water!! but that said, its not for everyone and we offer them separately as well as back to back in the same session

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Getting back into blogging... {Newborn photographer Johannesburg}

Hi everyone...

It has been FORVER since I've blogged anything, finding the time to update all platforms is very difficult :)

I cant promise I'll be consistent on here but I will update as much as possible especially for those not on social media to browse through some work and also get inspired for ideas

I'll start with some newborn sessions...

First up, little G, she first came in to studio at about 5/6 weeks new, this little baby girl is adorable but super feisty LOL, she sure showed us who was boss and in no way wanted anything to do with a photoshoot!

We did a mini top up session with her last week at 8 weeks and again she was not into the idea of sleeping for her session but we got some cute pics of her and filled up her gallery for mom and dad!

These moments go by so quickly, even seeing her 2 weeks later, she had grown so much in that time!

Im so blessed being a newborn photographer, seeing these little beings as fresh as ever and capturing these memories for new parents!

Stay tuned for more cuteness


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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Mister Maker Party at George & Lucy's - {Johannesburg Party Photographer}

{Mister Maker Party}

Colour colour everywhere!!

I was so excited on arrival when realising i was capturing sweet Senen's 3rd birthday seeing none other than Melinda fiddling at the sweet table - its not just a sweet table, or sweet buffet... she brings these tables to life! Her decor around this area is amazing, GO check her out

Everything was detail and thought about and full of love, family and friends... as all these sweet young birthdays are... they fly by so quickly but these memories hold a lifetime!!

The day goes by so quickly, you don't always have time to chat to every friend and family member who has come through to celebrate this special occasion with you, you definately don't have time to run around snapping pics all day, this makes it all worth while <3 giving you the time to enjoy the company of family friends and children while i worrying about capturing the moments for you!

Thank you for choosing me to capture your sweet boys 3rd birthday Nataysha, what a handsome little guy and amazing party you put together for him!!

Enjoy a quick browse <3

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Love, Niks

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